Below vessel movement information shows expected vessels, arriving vessels, departing vessels and Cruise Calendar in the Port of Rotterdam. This information is powered by Royal Dirkzwager and updated every hour. Next update is expected around 7:18.

Expected vessels

NameETA PilotstationLOANationality
CONTAINERSHIPS VII22-10-2017 07:00159FIN
CEMIL BAYULGEN22-10-2017 07:00193TUR
HERCULES22-10-2017 07:00225LBR
CMA CGM VASCO DE GAMA22-10-2017 08:00399GBR
PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM22-10-2017 08:00215NLD
SEAMULLET22-10-2017 08:00178DEU
STENA TRANSPORTER22-10-2017 08:30212NLD
BOMAR QUEST22-10-2017 10:00118MHL
LADY MATHILDE22-10-2017 11:0088NLD
MSC ATLANTIC22-10-2017 12:00237PAN

Arriving vessels

MSC LEANNE22-10-2017 06:00400LBR
MSC LAUSANNE22-10-2017 05:40283MLT
A LA MARINE22-10-2017 05:05170HKG
WES GESA22-10-2017 04:45152CYP
ROSSINI22-10-2017 04:1094LUX
EXPANSA22-10-2017 03:25141ATG
STAR CURACAO22-10-2017 03:10110NLD
NORDIC BREMEN22-10-2017 02:05152CYP
FT QUARTO22-10-2017 01:15148ITA

Departing vessels

JOSE PROGRESS22-10-2017 05:50186PAN
SPICA J22-10-2017 05:45140ATG
MSC SHUBA B22-10-2017 05:30330PRT
ALSIA SWAN22-10-2017 03:40106MLT
A2B COMFORT22-10-2017 02:30101NLD
DUTCH FAITH22-10-2017 02:15100NLD
BESIKTAS ICELAND22-10-2017 01:50123MLT
LUCTOR22-10-2017 01:45183PAN
SEASPAN ELBE22-10-2017 01:45337HKG
PIRITA22-10-2017 01:30133PMD

Cruise calendar Rotterdam 2017

NameETA PilotstationLOANationality
AIDAPRIMA26-10-2017 04:30300ITA
AIDAPRIMA02-11-2017 05:00300ITA
BRAEMAR07-11-2017 07:00196BHS