Below vessel movement information shows expected vessels, arriving vessels, departing vessels and Cruise Calendar in the Port of Rotterdam. This information is powered by Royal Dirkzwager and updated every hour. Next update is expected around 1:30.

Expected vessels

NameETA PilotstationLOANationality
ELISABETH K23-06-2018 01:3088NLD
SELANDIA SEAWAYS23-06-2018 02:30197DNK
ANNA23-06-2018 02:40126GIB
AM GIJON23-06-2018 03:00292PAN
STOLT OSPREY23-06-2018 03:00100GBR
BEIJING BRIDGE23-06-2018 04:00294PAN
A2B ENERGY23-06-2018 05:00101NLD
EXPRESS BERLIN23-06-2018 05:00349GRC
HELLAS MARIANNA23-06-2018 05:00183MLT
HEINRICH23-06-2018 06:00114GIB

Arriving vessels

-- NaN

Departing vessels

-- NaN

Cruise calendar Rotterdam 2018

NameETA PilotstationLOANationality
AIDAPERLA28-06-2018 04:30300ITA
ROTTERDAM30-06-2018 03:00238NLD
AIDAPERLA05-07-2018 05:00300ITA
AIDAPERLA12-07-2018 05:00300ITA
QUEEN ELIZABETH15-07-2018 04:00294BMU
AIDAPERLA19-07-2018 05:00300ITA
AIDAPERLA26-07-2018 05:00300ITA
QUEEN ELIZABETH29-07-2018 07:00294BMU
AIDAPERLA02-08-2018 05:00300ITA
ROTTERDAM05-08-2018 05:00238NLD